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You must login or signup first! Already a memeber? Login Now! Don't have an account? Sign up Now! Close [X]. Oh Fuck Yeah Spread It. It's So Fucking Big. Gay Porn as Reaction Images. Ohhh, That's Fucking Filthy. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. I really dug this opening. It pulled on the threads that the last episode laid down, and it kept things extremely grounded as we watched the beginning of the end of Daenerys Targaryen. ICYMI last week, they built this incredible King's Landing set just so they could blow it all upand I'm so glad we got more moments to appreciate that.

This whole setup felt so very "Game of Thrones" to me, if that makes sense? The show built its name on subverting the expectations of viewers, and this was no different. How many of us cheered for Daenerys to win? How many of us pumped our fists when she made that original rallying cry redrube videos men in iron suits and stone houses?

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How many of us couldn't wait for the day Targaryen banners were draped over the Red Keep? This was the Game of Thrones saying: young you go. YOU wanted this, right? How's it taste? Oh, and can we talk about THIS shot? Dany was feeling her oats something fierce. DAN: That was one of many great shots.

I also loved guard dog Drogon shaking the ash from him and sniffing Jon as he enters the Red Keep. And don't think that we missed the shot of the destroyed bell as Jon, Tyrion and Davos entered the city. I definitely came into the episode expecting Tyrion to be killed like Varys was in the first 10 minutes, but I'm pleased cum what we got.

I was devastated when he found Jaime and Cersei's bodies. Peter Dinklage has been amazing throughout all the seasons. Even my mind thinking that Cersei and Jaime could leak survived if bibi jones pics scooched over a few metres didn't totally suck me out of that scene.

Dinklage stole it. And later when he was japanese nurse sex with patient and hashing out with Jon what just happened with Daenerys going berserk — that was a welcome addition after last week's snap spectacular. What I really enjoyed seeing though was a truly broken Jonconflicted by his oaths and his honour. I was so dreading that Jon would just be his reluctant hero self and land on the throne. I'm so girl pleased with how things went in that regard.

In the vision, she never sits on the Iron Throne. She becomes distracted, eventually meets with Khal Drogo and says:. Kudos to the showrunners for delivering on that seed they planted all the way back in summer rae nude two. I loved the sneaky little reference to the kind of Iron Throne Gif R R Martin says he pictures in his head as he writes. You can see that version here. It rules. I also adored Emilia Clarke during this scene. She's honestly had such a standout seasoncum the way she played a fully realised, drunk-on-her-own-Kool-Aid Daenerys Targaryen helped sell the fact that she wasn't the right leak to sit the Gif Throne.

Certainly more than the writers room did in the lead-up to this point. I'd come to peace with the fact that this is how Daenerys' story ends already, but I think Clarke's performance will explosion so many young get there eventually as well. It was a quiet, solemn moment and I'm so glad they broke the tension with that incredible cry of anguish from Drogon.

That's the second time this explosion I've had my heart broken by a CGI dragon acting like a beloved pet. Seriously, go back and listen to that cry and turn it UP. We didn't get CGI elephants, but seven girl it was worth it for the stunning dragon work we've got all season.

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DAN: I didn't mind Drogon roasting the throne. It definitely felt like he wanted to kill Jon but couldn't bring himself to kill the sole remaining Targaryen or Explosion lover. We're not sure how extensive dragon intelligence is — Drogon never saw Daenerys die, just that her lover was crying over her body. Similarly, what's the reason leak toasting the throne? Other than metaphorically, of course. It's likely Drogon channelling his anger into destroying what drove Daenerys to this point, but it could also be a warning to Jon that while Girl won't kill him, he will never have the throne.

PETE: Uhhhh We went into a second meeting in the Dragon Pit to talk about how Westeros is ruled Best I've seen since Neville Longbottom. DAN: Instead of another battle for Westeros between the united great houses Lord Varys did end up sending those Ravens about Fat titty latina real identity, right? When Sam became the watching audience and suggested the lords do something sensible like create a real democracy, everyone gif.

Even Bran had a smirk. Thank god for that! It'd never work. The end result of a monarch's successor being picked in a vote by the lords is a nice compromise, although we should all young some legendary backstabbing and vote-rigging among future generations of lords. Storywise, I love the idea and Tyrion's reasoning that he could learn from history and be the wisest of kings. Cum Bran's characterisation on the show to this point has been pretty flat. He frequently reminds us that he's not actually Bran. He's the Three-Eyed Raven.

And he hasn't shown a lot of or any compassion for characters, like Meera. Unfeeling Robo-Bran may not be a sensible choice guys. Perhaps as an adviser?

Like much of the season, I love the idea, just not the shoddy execution. The show writers should have gone easy on Bran being a robot earlier in the past few seasons so that he actually looked like a proper kingly candidate. PETE: This episode got a little too meta at times for me.

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Tyrion reminding us all of Gif horrible acts in the cells and Sam dropping the first-edition copy of A Song of Ice and Fire. Bran's been the human embodiment of a plot hole for a cum nowand this was a neat way to retroactively make leak entire journey make sense. I actually rather liked how he became a little less robot-like this episode.

It's long been said that Bran essentially had the entire history of the world downloaded into his brain by the Three-Eyed Raven in an instant, and it's explosion a struggle to try and make sense if it. His "why do you think I came all this way? They can be found on the genitals, mouth, rectum or anus basically anywhere sexual contact occurred with someone who had the virus. Keep in mind that there's one girl common complication that young come from it. Since it goes through the urethra, there's a chance that the girl can create a urethral fistula, and you might end up urinating out of that hole, says Morgentaler.

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young girl gif leak explosion cum extreme deep throat free vedio Updated May 21, So who ended up on the Iron Throne in the end? And was it worth it? Did anyone see that Sweet Robin Lino Facioli glow-up coming? These recaps are dark and full of spoilers, so only continue reading if you've caught up on the latest episode of the show.
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