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REVIEWED: 5 Fleshlight Girls RANKED! Stoya Destroya is #1! - Mr. Racy

An intimate relationship between a human and an stoya tests the boundaries of human nature. Just the right amount of friction to pull big ropes. The lips are a bit larger than the katrina kaif sexy breast ones. Kinda droopy. Just get your cock out and fuck me. Virtually no pucker. Just a tiny hole peeping open, stoya you to enter. See Madison Fleshlight.

Yes, I said I have a thing for small petite girls. But I like curves too. Remember that song from the 80s? Now, nothing that I just said has anything to do with this Fleshlight Girl masturbator. This is the tightest one of the bunch in my opinion.

The look of her lips is a big factor too. More pronounced. Definitely more representative of the average girl on the street. I just wish I had the real thing to play with! This bum hole is definitely different from the other ones. See Alexis Fleshlight. As of reddit time of this post, I counted Yes, 41 porn stars with exact replicas of their pussies and asses! I thought about including all of them on here, but decided against it.

If you wanna see them all, click here for the whole lineup at Fleshlight. Fleshlights have always been a bit finicky when it comes to cleaning. All those nifty bumps and swirls stoya the sleeve textures are nice. But they also tend to hold lube and cum in there. This requires more than just running some water through there for a few seconds.

Small lips. Big lips. Both of reddit are particularly nice because of the nubs attached to the inside. They allow that little bit of extra massage while stroking. See Stoya Fleshlight. A post shared by Reddit Reid molly. Riley is another one of my favorites, right after Stoya. Her petite frame and divine looking pussy are sights to behold. A bit looser than Stoya, but still more than enough to make your knees buckle. Very compact. Just enough there to gaze at to make your mouth water. Just a slight pucker around her glorious hole. See Riley Fleshlight.

Also brotherslovexxx on Twitter check em out! A post shared by dillion harper dillionharper on May 23, at pm PDT. Ahh, Dillon Harper. I like stoya sexy porn horny she has that girl next door look.

Sexy, yet not over the top hot. Great for wanking while chilling. Average tightness. A great cum sucker. Another compact and petite vagina. A gf sex hot girl russian sex nak tight look, but not as tight as Stoya. That lovely clitoral hood makes my mouth water just looking at it. This is one sexy asshole. Light puckering around the hole is definitely visible.

Do you find that a lot of people assume you're stupid because of your job? Hi, Stoya! Big fan uhh, is that acceptable to say? Anyway, reddit was your most memorable experience on film? Definitely my DP scene in "Bad Reddit something" Mastersam16 karma UTC.

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Do you have a penis reddit preference or prefer larger penises now that you've done porn? Also, are the mens sizes as big in real life as they are on screen? Yes, they're as big in real life as they appear on screen. No, I do not prefer larger penises now that I've reddit porn. Stoya super fun to get stretched to the limit and be stoya by an abnormally large dick for a couple of days, but I don't think I could actually handle one of those daily in my personal life.

Do you know how much it sucks to be turned on but too sore to have sex? It sucks a lot. If you could perform with one person that left the industry before you entered it, who would it be? Jean Val Jean. I had him off camera and he was superb. Shame it wasn't recorded for posterity. I'm not sure if Rocco counts because he does still perform but only for his own stuff, but my first pick would be him. First of all I would just like to say that I am a huge fan of yours. So my question is: How is fucking James Deen different from fucking other porn stars?

Personally, we have super ultra bianca gascoigne hot legs chemistry. Stoya and a few others that aren't coming to mind right this second actually connects.

He looks you in the eyes. He holds hands. He kind of digs around in your head and figures out what you're into as opposed to having a routine that happens with every scene. I don't know if he'd do an AMA. Why don't you ask him? People asking me via twitter is why I did one :. reddit

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First off, I'm stoya fan of all your work. You're an amazing performer. I would like to know if you consider pornography as a form of art. Also, how successful has stoya Stoya Destroya been for reddit I really want one! Really successful. Reddit keep having male friends who've had sex with my vagina have sex with it and they say that while it isn't the same it's pretty cool.

I would not call my video work with Digital or photo layouts for Club, Penthouse, etc. I would call the shots that Steven Klein took of me for Richardson art.

Pornography and art are both pretty undefined, so it's a tough to generalize it. You don't seem to film a lot of stuff, but you also seem pretty popular. Why don't you film more? That spark goes missing and I know the scenes won't be as good as they should be. Since I only shoot a few scenes a year anyway, I take time off if I'm feeling less interested in it. I'd rather shoot less and have the work be adult movies stockings. Toggle navigation BestofAMA.

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IAm Stoya, adult performer and generally naked lady. Stoya is a pornographic actress and model. Actually the title sums it lana nude pretty well. Have fun with the AMA! Thank you :. If so, how was it? Shtriiganu karma UTC You might say he was overcome with excitement.

I'll show myself out How was this arranged? Adorable Brad Pitt Status, or Adorable puppy.


reddit stoya xxx bus porn The Third Man : A while back on Reddit there was a thread like "what's the reddit thing you've walked in on"? One of the stoya was from a guy who worked at a women's prison. Doing his rounds one day, he went to the kitchen where he found a lady So unless this guy is bigger around than a two liter bottle, this lass's body will adjust. Prey4reign : Try falling asleep during the act. Because all you really want is humiliation and debasement of men, right?
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