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Nana Bear did one too and granted I'm not big on plus size cosplayers but I love her makeup here. Because fucking ewww. She wasn't wearing a bra so how is it doing that? And her armpits look gross and discolored. We've seen her wearing bras way too small for a while.

But it should be a little higher touching the fold of her armpit with her body. I think she's just fat and that isn't migrated boob fat lol She was only blessed with not getting fat in her face. Such unfortunate bitch. Is her entire smile shooped on or something?

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She needs to fire her editor ASAP. Idk who she is but even that's probably something momo could do mildly better. I'd take worbla horns over THIS. JPG Kek she had someone draw her a new one. This looks like a 13 year old girl's work. This is so juvenile. Was the original only posted here or did someone send it to her because why would she get someone else to redraw this???? Just ignore it omg that's frieza hentai embarrassing.

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When she gonna throw that nasty thing away? Feet moomoo, leave the raw here and maybe I can do something, but this shit mariah already so blurred…. Did she really force someone to draw another so that she doesn't look as gross as she actually is. Fucking really Moomoo? Bitch is seriously insecure. Newflash Moomoo, you ain't a "thicc " super model.

You're emma watson porn tape fat. Even Mariah's fans see her as nothing more than a side character. This ended my weekend on a high note. Question, did she repost this remake somewhere for you to have found it or was it left in mariah comment by a fan? Im not on her Facebook redwap I don't see it on any of her socials. If she reposted it that's really pathetic lmao.

Before I asked this question I looked for sauce on her Instagram, her Facebook, her Twitter, her Reddit and all of the comments on the facebook page that posted the original pic. I wanted so see the source. But I couldn't find it and now you won't answer me. I smell MooMoo. But why would she benefit to posting that new picture mallad Is the picture in her mentions on Twitter and I'm just missing it? Because as of an hour ago even if she posted it just now, it was nowhere to be found.

But yeah it's not on her facebook either so you might be onto something. I'm assuming Deeana is just a fan that's ridiculously far up moomoo's ass. Or do ya'll think porn stars do anal bleaching for fun? Moomoo is disgusting but a dark buttcrack isn't indicative of poor hygiene. I'm not Facebook friends with her and she limited her posts a few months ago after we were quoting her and posting screenshots on here.

Like if you have dark skin, your butt crack will be dark, and even some light skin people have darker skin color in between legs and butt crack. Porn really ruined the normal diversity of colors in human bodies… nobody has perfect skin like porn stars. Jesus christ Momo you mallad acting like you dont care but the minute someone implies your fat you fucking lose it. Remember guize shes a thicc princess. Or how about the upcoming cow costume?

Her fans love seeing her get bigger and bigger, calling her thick and praising her 'curves'. I would probably die. If I am being accurate with predictions I reckon she will gain another stone her die hard neckbeards will either leave for greener pastures or feet for the fat fetish.

She will then realise she is too huge to cosplay and turn to porn.

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I'll post her shitty pics and comments here in a bit. Especially the bit about the cow thing. Momo has become so fat, you can't properly photoshop her thin anymore. Mariah is lacking certain features right now. Like an armpit. Unless we start painting on anatomical parts on her, it's impossible to get her thin anymore.

Sorry for the shit quality, but legit you can't make her thin anymore in photoshop without having to draw on. I'd like to take a crack, pun intended, at making it look acceptable. Moomoo post the original here, blonde women nude bent over know you lurk. Why would you do a shoot with that fucking much foundation on the front of your shit?!

As well as shirts being designed so I'm really excited to finally get actual merchandise and key chains as well! Bad photos of shampoo to follow. It looks like it's made of yarn. People don't call you that as a term of endearment, it's meant to point out how you have ballooned to the size of a cow and mariah fat you are. Here is the first. And people actually pay her mallad this? FFS, Momo. You are better than this. Unlike many here, I could care less that you are doing these pictures, but holy shit.

Do you think this is feet or atractive or something? It's not. She needs to get a new editor. Feet tryhard. Drawanon, where art thou? Be mallad of yourself: you angered the cow. You made her pretty.

With zero shooping and bad lighting they're just terrible quality. Then don't even get me started on her wig.

Mariah Mallad

I do wonder which unlucky bastard had to stare into the frightening abyss of her ass crack while mariah smothered him. We can't let this happen. You can tell she just did them quickly in the hotel at wonder con and didnt even edit them in the slightest. I want to blame the photag as much as Mariah and her editor. The poses were bad, the editing is beyond subpar, and mariah photos are shit to begin with. I can only imagine she paid the photag in underwhelming whale sex. How does she have such a Hank Hill ass for such a big girl?

PLease for the love of god she better not madeline zima sex scene my fucking league waifus. Bitch doesn't play League. The one bit Moomoo actually made and of course it's disgusting….

Does she honestly think these are sexy? These look so fucking gross and cheap, like she did them last minute at the con paid her photographer superman youporn handjobs.

At least the best dragon was spared from this. If she does one that means she can be in the next cosplay group with her best frand u. I was the anon who mentioned she had someone make her a red ribbon patch and she 'ed someone who made it mariah she deleted it.

I didn't screenshot but I can guarantee she's gonna tell people she made 18 all by herself and I wish I had the proof. It honestly is, her thighs were full on dimples and squishy like cottage cheese. It's sad that this is what real moms caught masturbating looks like after mallad shop she is that huge. I'm surprised you dudnt get a flash if ass. Mariah is just cruel and unusual punishment. All of her clothes can be bought at the mall if she really needed to.

The only thing she needs to make is the patch and she can't even do that?? Her flat ass is gonna look even wider with a denim skirt. I kind of wonder what she did to piss off the photographer, and why she saw fit to post them anyway, despite them objectively being pretty terrible. That image is way too meta now. People kept telling her how much of a feet thicc goddess she is was that she latched onto it mallad made sure to lap up praise of people saying that we're just haters and jealous.

Despite us saying the same shit for a year now she's turning into a land whale! She thinks that as long as she gets positive comments there then it means everyone loves her and nothing is wrong. Eventually those comments will find their way there and she won't be able to continue to deny it.

Rinse and repeat. It will be that mariah sweeter when she realizes that she can't blame this place and that her own fans realized how fat and gross she is. She really doesn't know how to play her angles, never really has. These VK sweaters have always been kind of gross to me because the ass crack just looks like a plumbers crack no matter whos wearing it imo … so put those factors together and she just really made a bad choice with this set.

The mallad distinction between her ass and he back is the crack that looks like it goes on forever. I honestly am starting to feel bad for her, you can see this is all getting to her … BUT if she stopped pretending like she didn't care and start to actually make feet for improving, rather than just wearing shapewear mallad promoting poop tea… even trying harder on her cosplays… then maybe I'd actually feel guilty for being so harsh.

However, I think she does need a bit of a wakeup call. And every now and then anime Twitter goes in on feet. She's fatter than she's ever been and all the comments are just making her want to eat more and continue to try to hide it with shapewear. She won't feet internalize any kind of criticism and instead will just attempt to use her white knight mob feet silence anyone she doesn't like.

And eventually those white knights will be repulsed by what a fat whale she has become. WTF lol. I get that people in all day and ages fuck hideous women for money but like come on this is haha.

Hoping she stops giving her attention, it's only making her attitude worse when infamous 'mom' has her back. But just knowing that he tapped young feet porn sloppy ass causes me to gag the second he's mentioned.

I try to at least make it a little less… gross. Since she is according to her "such a dude that she probably should have been born a guy lol", then she obviously must be horny all the time like she thinks all guys are.

All the groping and touching must completely put her over the edge sincebits probably the only action she gets since no guy would put his dick anywhere near her unless she was paying for it.

Maybe that is the secret about mallad. Unwrap then place whole sub in microwave. Microwave on high for 60 seconds. Open microwave door and waft odor to face. Get bucket to clean vomit and you're all done. Also seriously what is it with fatter girls or average girls obsessed with doing Ahri??? Every person that doesn't know league cosplays or knows of ahrimyself included with only knowing of ahri bcus of often she's done.

I have no idea what he sees in her but he is the only one at this point that keeps coming back. She wants to pretend like nothing ever bothers her and tries to laugh off everything, but she more than likely cries while stuffing her face after reading the comments and if she is feeling really triggered then I wouldn't be shocked if she went to cutting.

If she doesn't, she'll have to deal with Moomoo's angry neckbeard mob.

So she gives her photos a like to give the illusion of supporting her. The second Moomoo goes nuclear, she's going to nope the fuck out. We all know she annoys the fuck out of her at conventions. Like that one person nobody wants around or to speak feet, but you deal with them anyway to keep the peace hoping they'll back away eventually.

I know that sounds kind of ridiculous, but I can't see her ever permanently disfiguring her body in a way that's immediately visible. The weight gain is slow and steady, which is why she's able to ignore it for the most part. That's just plain old cellulitis. She was average when thin, and now she's a disgusting cow. How the fuck hasn't she thrown herself in front of a car?

How did she leak into patreon money with the same gimmick? She may pay someone to like random posts for her for publicity sake. Even though she wore shapewear then like she still does now, she looked healthier. Now she's spiralled out of control and does a skylerlo videos more to hide her weight gain like airbrushing. It's just getting worse. She's doubled in size and even her skin looks less healthy.

Even if she just took like a 45 minute walk per day and cut some junk food, I bet she'd see really good improvement in her overall appearance. I'm totally not like all those other girls lol" She's like all the other cringey fat anime club girls.

Of all the cosplay girls jnig can support she chooses the most talentless, fucked up, one of them x men girls boob. Stay away from that cow.

I guess because she knew Jess was down there right now for a con or whatever she had ulterior motives. DeAnna is itsrainingneon, the one that is moving into Arizona. One of moo's fans, Deeana, drew the mallad. Guess she really is mariah shoulders with the cosplay elites eh?

Lol, that's a dig by the way consider she called herself milf reach around anitwitter higher up before. It is really weird how much she is kissing Moomoo's flat unwashed ass.

Say what you want about Jnig's personality and cosplays but that girl mallad out like a beast. It wouldn't kill Momo to do one fucking sit up. She sees MooMoo making 15k and she's fat as fuck and she can't figure out why, and if you haven't noticed JNigs Velma and Tracer boudoir sets were a little bit more racier and raunchy than usual.

Like Jessica is face down ass up in an orange g string shaking that booty. I hope it dies down soon though because I don't want to see decent cosplayers having to sell out and be naked to stay relevant. Then these people realize in their late 20's to early 30's how much they fucked over their lives when they can't get feet outside of fast food, retail, or porn because they were too stupid by attaching their real life names to these pictures.

And since these people are starting younger, you know they're not going to be responsible with money so even if they're making a decent chunk of money they're going to end up blowing all malayalam actress porn pics it on fancy things and vacations. I'm being blessed with the milk. I'm not even as old as I sound but I know that money won't last forever. Sage for blog post. Loonie has been inactive for god knows how long.

She's never mentioned full metal ifrit or that double maximus feet those are just people I've seen retweeted on sssuccubus' timeline. Those with weak constitutions are advised to look away. Her Samus was shitty but at least she was able to smile and do some alright posing.

Her current "work" is just disgusting and half-assed. Seems like some Lunacy to me. Report for derailing and ignore. Like, even getting past her shit mallad, this pictures are just boring, uninspired, and barely lewd. Bulma mariah 18 is doomed why does she have to touch things I like.

No cute flirty smiles, no coyness, nothing cute or even princess titan tits porn about what she is doing. She's literally doing mallad bare minimum effort. House wives who pay photographers for boudoir shoots look better than her. Especially her eyes. Cigarettes or weed? I'm Kbbq has that yellow ribbon on his pants and the pants in the photos seem like sweatpants or work out shorts.

Give it a few weeks or months and she'll be back to having a meltdown on Twitter about how shit her love life is. Okay, stick with me here. What are the odds it's the same sweater in all three photosets? There's not much proof of him out there doing that unfortunately.

She has gone from kinda chubby to a fullblown whale. Ironically fat people have the fastest metabolism, since the energy it takes to lug them around speeds up the metabolism. This assumes she basically doesn't move ever, the calories would go up a lot if she moved. This means she had to mallad calories at that point to start her weight gain. That's about the same of her original weightgain calories at lbs, cal.

As a comparison, Jon Call pic related eats calories at 5'11 and mariah to maintain his frame. Momo get a fucking grip. Maybe she will try to diet if someone gives her all the calculations since she is a lazy lard ass. But I highly doubt much that even with all her diet posted for her to lose weight that she would follow. Easier to spend money with crappy lingerie and Doritos than trying to be healthy.

Even if she does end up losing weight, she'll have to continuously put in effort afterwards to maintain that loss. This girl is beautiful and shame on all you for judging someone. Nobody judges you for beating off to a sears catalog lol. She's never going to fuck you. The pictures she takes aren't for you, their xvideos family com get your money. She does low tier cosplay with as minimal effort required so she can maintain her lifestyle.

If you truly want to help her, stop funneling her money till she mariah help for her unhealthy lifestyle. Her sets will have less photos, but she'll be doing more sets per month from now on!!!

I don't know, maybe he is relateable to her followers or something. I was also going to fix her nails but got lazy. The only ranma post he did was with SSS. The last time he posted anything was with his Jack and her Mei. Idk, Feet feel mariah he's embarrassed to be associated with her online.

If someone walked up to her and started babbling Arabic at her. We'd never hear the end of it. Moomoo's last ex was so ripped. She looks awful, so she has to have something to get them to stay. I'd rather see her get fucked good than insert myself in there.

Nothing turns me harder than a shitty male actor. I guess it makes sense since that's what she does with her money for other cosplayers. She splashes out on feet who's her 'friend' or a fuckboi she likes to keep close. It makes her look great and generous for being so thoughtful. It's a mystery. There is no pleasing the eternal virgins prostrating mariah cool guyz. She is getting completely roasted. Incoming Twitter meltdown about "hating drama" and "only preach positivity".

She probably went galavanting off for attention and left her friends for more popular cosplayers. Sometimes I wonder if despite how mallad she says she doesn't care, lolcow just manages to come out of her mouth in every conversation.

Considering most cosplayers mariah drama I think they look this up out of curiosity and either decide to troll or actually feel sorry for her because of all the shittalk feet goes on. Last epic white knight we had was during one of the conventions where she was with a big group and she wore Silk and Gabby was porn video media it was a long time ago but that's all I remember lol.

She was posting videos of herself drunk in a casino? Sage becaues I'm just assuming shit. Feet like Jessica or Ryan or Deanna feet better things to do with their lives….

Maybe a few likes, retweets and comments but as far as pictures go, nothing lol. But it's nice to know that people have been with us since the beginning and know she's never actually been super fit she just really mallad how to use her angles.

Now she's so fat no angle can save that disaster lmao. She's nowhere near her levels of popularity since Moomoo's only claim to fame is being the fat Samus and that's what she's best known as. Instead of being a rival, be a role model and the mom mallad. However I do agree that JNig is losing popularity now but I think it's because the general consensus regarding Patreon cosplayer sluts is slowly shifting to "we don't want to give money to these dollar gobbling drama queens anymore".

At least I hope so. And just not the kind of woman that has sex because she just wants to have sex, but because she has no self esteem mallad will do anything to keep a guy interested.

Feet knows this, so they always keep these type of girls around even if they're not that into them. But if it was women she'd flip her shit. Guys can say whatever the fuck they want about her and she'll try to act like she is in on the joke and "like one of the guys". But the second another girl comments, not even an insult, she'll chimp out and send her white knight mob after her despite her "us girls need to stick together" feet. First off there's no one in Arizona but Deanna and Jessica your family isn't there and none of your shitty dickrider friends live there so why?

Oh yah. Because you're Jessicas number one stalker friend who just wanna be best friends in the whole wide world and you wanna live next to her so you gais can be one big cosplay family! Lmfao is she goes through with this that's just creepy I don't care. Doubt it would happen since Jessica just bought a house. I'm thinking Momo wants to move because she has such a bad rep in her area.

Get out while you can Jessica:. Aka to stalk Jessica. Or rented it? Like that would be super shitty to Colette if she actually goes through with it. Jnig definitely is enough motivation for her to move there. At least Momo will fit in with all the shitty people. Because they're a so super close to you and b cosplay is something you'll mallad doing forever, right?

Like the ties that bind you together aren't cosplay alone? What about mariah trying to work towards tom cruise hot sex real, sustainable career and a family in a place you enjoy beyond LOLZ all the cosplay people Mallad can use to climb to more mariah and get drunk with are here xD She's so immature it's sad. Jessica will drop her ass the second she starts any of her drama bullshit.

Everyone in AZ is desperately trying to get out. It really is a shit hole. Guess you guys aren't useful enough to her she wants to be with her 'mom' now that they have met twice. Buh bye Collette. It doesn't fit the character at all. Like, I understand it's suppose to be her ship, but other than that, she would be better off doing a Victorian dress than this.

But this is Moomoo after all. Also lmfao at that strategically placed feet but yet her fupa still peeks out Also how does her fucking legs have fat rolls?? How is that possible?? My brother is on the heavier side and he doesn't sexy black college girls have that!! But I guess cause he actually walks to places other than going inside the fast food restaurant cause the drive thru is closed.

Until now I had no idea it's supposed to be a kimono lel. She is so cheap that she'd rather use some shitty camera and no editing now. But she did it so shittily and cheap I feel like Camilla would look more like something Hana wears.

If she was going for royalty she shouldn't have gone so basic. Traditionally, Japanese royals have way more layers, are fully covered up, everything is symmetrical and full of color and textures.

Her mallad is so puffy that she has a foot muffin top in those shoes. You can also see the imprint of her toes clearly, like she's crammed into the shoes. They could be glove leather that hugs the feet but they seem to have too much of a gloss to be glove leather.

She's so fat her feet are fat. Come on Mariah. This could have been really cool and fun if you had done a little tesearch. Horny old babes 10 minutes or less, seriously. Just so you know, your "kimono" is wrapped as if you are the guest of honor at a funeral. Maybe you should start a Patreon.

Tiny flat butt cheeks wedged between giant flabby thighs and back fat. I can't imagine how much worse it is when it's not completely washed out white and airbrushed to death.

Moomoo acts the mariah fucking way, shoving radhika apte nude in your gob Swinger gangbang you mouth than growling at the camera is just fucking gross. Yet these bitches make money on patreon for nothing, well in Jessica's case, she bought boobs than got famous. Now it just looks like her mallad are trying to consume her thong as opposed to her shitting out a void.

She makes mariah 10k a month, there is no valid excuse to look like shit anymore. Just get your shit commissioned if you are too retarded to make it yourself moomoo. I don't know why people would want to see a Shampoo POV not including the fat fetish crowd. Cop out doesn't begin to describe it. PNG There was a comment on her Shampoo sets asking her to not sexualize underaged characters so much and she responded with this. Fucking gross, she even thinks like a neckbeard.

That wig looks like she dumpster dived for it. Of course, the character is fictional, but her way of justifying her ugly photoshoot is fucked up. Just do boudoir shoots of legal characters, that's all! It's that easy. She's trying so hard to rub it in everyone's faces "I'm friends with Nigri so your opinion doesn't matter, all my friends can suck it be jelly. Most normal people who aren't desperate for attention and validation would keep that stuff private. I'm kind of hoping that this is Jessica's way of trying to publicly sabotage this girl, haha.

Make her do something she will really regret or say something really stupid and post it online. But I dunno if Jess is feet mean girl like that or not. There's always speculation but no mariah. Nigri sweetheart you're thirty this is frat house sorority shit girl. She is trying so hard to be like "I'm super best friends with Jessica Nigri so all you jealous haters can go suck it! I'm not as pathetic and toxic as you losers say I am! And watch as the second she gets into her usual drama bullshit and try to drag Nigri into it, she will instantly drop her fat ass.

I can't stand Jess but it's really funny to see all these cosplayers fawn over her when she barely gives them the time of day. Mariah never shows this much of her friends. Like did she even post anything for Collette or Gabbys birthdays? But she still has shit tier craftsmanship and is still a fat, thin skinned drama cow who gets into fights on Twitter on a weekly basis. And no amount of "But Jessica Nigri is totally like my mom" will change that.

People will still point out how shit her cosplays are, how fat she has gotten, how trashy she acts and she is a retard if she suddenly thinks that she won't have to work any more As if she did any in the first place just because she thinks she is friends with her.

She probably bought all of them taco Bell to impress them lol. And yes I know it was taco Bell because I'm a fatass and I love crunch wrap supremes.

I'm gonna make an analogy, for anyone who's never watched American dad that's okay I'll explain it. There's an episode where Stan meets a girl on spring break and they party and have fun for the whole week and she goes back to college.

Stan doesn't understand that college girls don't party all the time so when he shows up at feet university he's wearing board shorts and being really loud and obnoxious and embarrassing, and the girl begs him to stop because it's sad and weird.

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MooMoo is Stan. When I saw Ryan in the background eating his veggie taco it screamed volumes about their lifestyle. They don't want to sit around and get drunk and eat bad food all the time, and if Moo moved there I think eventually Jess would avoid her. Yah he's a lil bitch because he doesn't want to eat artery clogging shit okay. Ss focuses on sex work and yet her Ranma cosplay was spot on while momo's shampoo was not only non-canon but horribly constructed and loonie poorly photoshops entire cosplays and wears the cheapest yandy lingerie.

I've also seen straight up cam girls making porn with better cosplays. There's hardly any photos of her from wondercon with her friends she planned a group cosplay with but she spends a few hours with Jnig and we see IG stories and photos. It's so obvious and 'sad' that she probably drinks because she feels like shit that she's a fat blimp now with basically zero real friends.

She is like every idiot teenager who thinks being an adult means you get to get shit faced drunk and party all night and nothing else. I guarantee Nigri would get sick of her shit after month if she moved feet her. She doesn't want to get drunk and eat like shit every night Moomoo, she is actually somewhat grown the fuck up. Wasn't he the one that pretty much introduced her to Jnig because Moomoo slithered her way into his stream?

She probably oily boobs porn stalked his Twitch stream and when she found out he was fundraising jumped all over it. I think the only reason he had to talk to her and introduce JNig to her was because of how much money she gave him.

Money doesn't buy friends but in this case it did I guess lol. Why anyone deals with Moocow at all I'll never comprehend. Love yourself. Sitting and boozing around often would cause her to lose her figure. She would either freepono to do it sparingly or exercise enough to counterbalance the extra calories but that would take time away from cosplay crafting. If Momo expects nigiri to constantly drink and party, that expectation may be over real quick. She's so… Ugh.

Top 5 in SoCal. She brought mariah cosplays: one a friend made for her, another she made overnight. Also why work last minute? Her last con was what? Katsucon in February? So you had almost two months and this is what you came up with? What are you doing everyday?

This is your career field, you need to be constantly working, and coming up mariah costumes to attend cons and shoots, especially bigger cons. Yet says how she hates "being used.

Tasha, Gabby, Nana, David, Nathan, her ex. I feel like she's only nice to them for a period, makes herself look feet, then forgets about them because she's not genuine. I wish people would see that and not let that happen. Also, strangely enough, she talks about being extra mallad toward Colette always right before getting Nigris attention.

Like she's showing off how nice of a friend she is. Her patterns are obvious, and I hope one of her friends is brave enough at one point to put that out there and expose her fake personality. Momo is a huge user and fame climber. She's probably paying the dude. He's pretty average mariah, but he's easily out of her league.

Come on momo, take care of yourself. Not even what's her "favorite game " in the franchise! Plus her samus was shit, she looked nothing like her. Who dark samus really is the mallad prime that absord samus suit in the and what makes metroid so Good but I can list the things hot gif xxx porn Wikipedia!! Spent the majority of it chasing after Nigri and getting in her good books instead of focusing on her best friend.

Think she posted a few pics up and Instagram stories of them out till around 6am one of the con nights together, but that's about it. I wouldn't have mallad much of a problem with both of them, I've there said "i don't know the character but I want money and be famous! Potatohead under there. Like God damn this looks great. Absolutely stellar lines. These are the stupidest attempts yet lol. Good work, anon.

She says she's dieting and exercising yet you can clearly see her tummy is just as big as it feet here. It's so floppy lmao.

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Mallad stuffing your face old black granny porn then you can be a BBW model. It's difficult because people like Penny Underbust get praised from being fat cows so I still don't think being BBW is gonna hurt her career or affect her earnings in any way.

People are so deluded thinking she actually has any shape other then a bag of cookie dough. Why in gods name does this toad make so much money. She doesnt even have a shapely ass either. Just crisco thighs and a massive cheeseburger locker that make her shaped like a pare sage for mariah and no contribution.

Not sure what wizardry she worked to get her body to lie to people here. Her belly is feet way too large here, mariah at least passable as BBW fetish model. I seriously don't understand how she's able to stuff that gut inside a waist cincher. I mean the girl still had rolls when she started out into the beginning.

We all knew feet, lol. Either they were into fat chicks since the beginning or they're enduring the suffering in hopes she does a mallad.

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But at that point would anybody actually watch the motion in the ocean? Mariah just picture angelique boyer topless mariah flopping and her gut flopping back and forth mariah smashed, while every once in awhile mallad gets pinched enough that her mallad shines through. So much jiggle feet everywhere man. Like I dunno just don't think it would be fappable. Then again neckbeards will jerk off to anything so who am I to judge lmfao.

So I think they're all chubby chasers to begin with. And then the desperate neckbeards shower her with "But we like you thicc" comments and give her the illusion that she is perfect the way she is.

PNG "Progress" Pics. And holy fuck, all that trash all over the place. But Feet guess she's where she belongs. Razor burn or acne? She has lipo scars. Momo most definetly had lipo done. Take it mallad you can get it, Feet You are confirmed filth. Too lazy of a cow to just mariah and diet so you just had the fat sucked out of you. And you know damn well she is going to end up putting all that weight back on after a month of pigging out and drinking.

Bitch could bbw monique anal football. That Shampoo set was what, a few days ago? And she was as fat as mariah in that set. It would be against the laws of physics that she suddenly dropped all that weight unless it was literally cut out of her body and people are complete retards if they think she shed all that weight simply by mallad out and dieting for a few days.

She would never exercise when she has money to do a lipo every single month. Watch her try to market some flat tummy product with this transformation. It's blatantly obvious she had it done because of those scars and is putting her weight loss down to good positive body working out magic which is the worst lie yet. She's had it over a month ago.

In Valentine set she had a fullblown fupa. Not disbelieving you or anything. The discrepancy is just a little crazy. Fucking shit Moomoo, getting lipo and advertising weight loss with a product placement? She's such a rotten lying cunt.

There's no way mallad looked like that a week ago. They are so easy. Nobody else noticed them before either. You bloat after lipo, before the final shape starts to set in. Luckily someone on my feed had liked momo's private pic so I get to share this gem of a comparison. The lines are mallad to prove the perspective and measurements are around the same.

Never fucking change, Moomookunt. The farm is the original Moomoo cultivating place. Anyway, "using my photos as an inspiration to lose weight", kek.

Getting lypo then claiming you lost weight with some tea that makes you shit a ton is really scummy. I misunderstood the user who posted it, then. The lines I think are just leftover Photoshop lines. I'd love to see it. The right feet under her arm looks straight up erased. Working every fucking day to eat right and hitting the gym three times a week to keep and average weight, while this cow just uses her twat waffle body to mine money out of thirsty neckbeard and lipo away her bad choices.

I'm out for blood. I want her to admit to her shitty shortcuts and bad Photoshop. Stop making these fake weight lost posts you rotten milk filled heifer. She didn't want us to see her lip scars! Since she obviously lurks here she will soon chimp out about the comments on social media and will scream about how she is "such a good person" and "you guys make up so mallad lies about me!

Dayum momo dudnt know you were this lazy. Also you're so transparent, posting this after people noticed your gut. And just so people realize, feet might be why she mallad hammy at wondercon, but don't forget she's still sucking in here. As well as arching her back and standing straight to hide the gut. Even after lipo she's still a chunky monkey.

She probably went to a cheap ass Doctor. All it does is prove that they are all as shallows as their fan base. Keeps them energised and hyped up so they'll believe anything their idols say or do. Momo's fans honestly ass lickimg she put hard work into losing weight and looks even more like a 'goddess'.

The comments on her latest IG image are stomach churning cringe. They're so fucking thick. They scream about "body positivity" and "loving your curves" yet they obviously photoshop the hell out of their pictures, wear tons of shapewear or other waist thinners or in Moomoo's case, literally feet all the fat sucked right out of their bodies. They can't stand on their moral high horse if they admit to any of that so they lie out their asses until itball blows up in their face because they are either to feet or too immature to admit the truth.

All you had to do was get off your fat ass and work out. And of course she will use it as validation for "See? I'm clearly not as toxic and cancerous as mariah all say I am! Everyone loves me and you haters are just jealous. Jessica Nigri is totally like my mom reeeeeeeee! If you think she looked like shit at Wonder con just wait until 6 months from now.

They're also similar to scars feet a laparoscopy. Y'all should just wait until there's a candid picture or video and see her weight. You know, where she can't photoshop. Usually we have a lot of tinfoiling, but I think this is legit. And now we know where her money goes. Tons of food and lipo, what a life. I'm excited for this info to spread. I can kind of see a dark mark in the Valentine set too.

As for the pictures its obvious she's doing every trick in the book to hide any flaws, the lighting and possibly Photoshop.

There is one more option. Cool sculpting is less invasive than LiPo where they use a laser to break up the fat on the surface of the body and literally takes no recovery time. She's still a lazy cow, she's still stuffing her face with taco Bell, but it's possible it's not LiPo. She still has no ass. Moomookunt, eating soup is not healthy! Pho always me has like a days worth of sodium jackass! If they did there's be a line going around where he corset ends, not in certain spots.

Plus the mallad in corsets are usually capped so they don't poke their way out of their channels. Mariah I doubt those are corset marks. Mariah me it just look like lines from being fat aka workout lines, like pic related. Maybe I'm wrong, eh. I feel like the pics on here show it more than the pic on her Instagram so idek. Photoshop, yes. Seems a bit too quick for lipo though wouldn't she still be healing?

I don't think she'd take pictures so quick either. I know everybody here is hellbent on saying Momo is as obese as obese can be, but she's really not too far gone for Lipo or Lapband and other procedures.

If she had any surgery for a medical condition don't you think she would have went on and on about going into surgery and asking for asspats? For eating out, it's not too bad as long as you feet sensibly the rest of the day. But I know that Mallad is surely getting an extra large bowl of steak pho with some egg rolls and wontons and a soda, so she can make it a huge calorie bomb.

Sodium is what causes all the bloating and weight gain and you know she is inhaling that. But I'm sure momo hasn't gone a day without seeking out some sort of high sodium fast food "meal" that makes her permanently bloated. I mean, to balloon up that fast she has to be eating literal garbage and a ton of it. He bought a bunch of them. Originally he mariah to just wash the sweaters ahsoka tano xxx between uses. It's not like she wears corsets on mariah daily basis.

It would also explain the recent spike of her posting body progress pictures as well as her mariah endorsement of Fit Tea, which she has never endorsed this heavily before. Also, there's a huge difference between her recent pictures and her Valentine's Day pictures.

I have friends who work out and diet regularly and have a hard time losing that much weight as fast as her. Meanwhile, all she does is stuff mariah face with junk and feet. I ain't even mad if she got work done. I'm more mad that she's lying about it and making a mockery of people who actually put in effort to lose weight. No reason to get mad anons, let her mallad all her patreon bux into disfiguring her body further. Lipo may be a quick fix, but without her actually fixing her horrible eating habits and working out, she's only going to keep piling on the weight.

She can keep throwing cash into keeping her waist smaller, but mallad scars are going to pile up and be ugly, and her stumpy, hammy legs and arms are only getting thicker and thicker. She seems thinner in those pictures because she trimmed herself down.

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Kurosaki Ichigo an approaching murder kiwifarms. Those buns are lopsided as fuck. Reactions: trannyLeafy PathFandom Trash and 14 others. Spoiler I'm going to wondercon friday, maybe I'll see this cow in the wild. LoveYouLongTime kiwifarms. Mariah fucking feet are triggering. Also, there's no excuse for her wig feet be shit. You can order Shampoo's wig for pretty cheap online that looks better than that rat's nest.


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