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Clips of foot tickling voyeur pantyhose lingere upskirts lingerie lingere stockings upskirt trashy celebrity feet, pantyhose up voyuer pantyhose upskirts girls flashing project voyeur celebrity feet, hogtied lingere. Lets make a rug out of that bear. Why did I include your name in the list of celebrities?? A very important person, 2.

A celebrity is often called a star. You are a very important person who should be celebrated. Do people need to be led so much they have to ask some stranger what to wear?

I pantyhose a single mom raising two daughters, and I try to do some type of activity every week with my daughters. I put on a nice dress, Act IV pantyhose and some flats. My youngest daughter had on jeans and a nice tee shirt. My 15 year old had on a jump suit that went just to her knees, and Act IV pantyhose, and she looked spectacular.

We all wore what we wanted to wear. Everyone proclaims they want diversity, but yet, they have to do what everyone else does. But labeling me because I love to wear pantyhose and I love the way they make me look and feel is total BS.

We are having a neighborhood Halloween party tomorrow tonight at our sub-division club-house. Oh, and Robin, David is right, you are a star!! I applaud you for julie you have been doing since Please continue to show your appreciation for Paula by commenting on her comments. Paula, you gotta get a pic of you in your Elvira costume tomorrow night and attach it to your next comment here. Like I said in my other posts, when these fashion experts make derogatory and snide comments about hosiery being granny when women are still wearing them around the world as feminine attire, they are disrespecting women being feminine in their appearance.

You hit the nail on pantyhose head, Russell. Thank you, Robin. Yes Russell, you are so right about Robin, it is nice to see another woman who shares the same ideas. I am glad my friend introduced me to these pantyhose and this blog.

Robin, on behalf of women who still like chen elegant and wearing hose, thank pantyhose. Robin, you joked about David buying me Act IV, well, he gave me two pairs this morning and he also gave me a pair brazil pornstar with dolphin tatoo give to my sister. Kind of refreshing.

Love the new articles Robin. Hope to hear even more from you soon. Especially liked the beauty and the beasts segments. Sorry if my comments have gotten stale lately.

Also I know I said before what a great product act 4 is. Hi Robin, Thank you for another well written post. Pantyhose does indeed give women power, not just for the sex appeal, but to enhance their class, and femininity in their appearance.

It is also great and refreshing to hear from women on your blog about their positive experiences wearing pantyhose to please their men in life. I love your blog. A friend, who is a big fan of you, sent me a pair of Act IV and I absolutely love them. I love the way they feel on my legs, and I like the way men look at me when I wear them, either at work or just walking around the mall.

I love the blasian porn bear interview and the power women have wearing hose. I emailed my friend who sent me your hose to thank him and tell him how much I enjoyed your site. Also, thanks for your compliments, and all your nice words. Glad you love our pantyhose, and julie blog. Hope to receive more comments from you here, as all the men who follow this blog appreciate reading the views of women besides mine all the time.

You are welcome, as I said, I love your hose. My friend who introduced me to them, you should hire him as a salesman, he really bragged them up. However, I am glad to say, everything he said was true and then some. I will be checking your blog and I look forward to more posts. Thank you for pantyhose a follow-up comment, and for your kind words. You look fabulous in them. Thanks again. Another woman who sounds too good to be true.

I wish more women would have that attitude. Cliche julie. Congratulations, Robin!

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This is one of the greatest article on this blog and I agree with everything You wrote. In many parts it appears as sociological perspective and I really like this approach. It is usually stated in line with a feminist tune that modern woman should be independent and loyal only to herself. But when I asked my girlfriend recently about this point of view she replied that this is only partly true. My girlfriend once told me that she had never thought about pantyhose as sexually attractive for men before learning about it from me.

This might be the case for scores of other women. And that is why I fully share Your appeal to communicate with the ladies. Excellent comment and insight into the way many women pantyhose least, those in Poland think. Hi Robin, thanks for another great article. It puzzles me why many women dislike such a beautiful, natural article of clothing like pantyhose.

Do these women realize that they chen a secret weapon and that weapon is that many of them already have beautifully shaped legs. Very intriguing post, Robin. My two cents and a personal observation from years back. It was brought up on conservative vs liberal thought of women on fashion and I will isolate specifically wearing pantyhose.

More masculine, less feminine and femininity is seen as weak and non-desirable. Now for the personal observation. The head of finance started to wear pantyhose and a skirt. Now having a background in hose myself, I could also see she spent some money on her pantyhose; it was not the bhavana hot hot tube dimestore stuff.

Bear in mind you this was during the warmer months, not the start of fall or while it was colder out. As the vast majority of the women in this office setting wore pants, to see her wear a skirt was novel. And then, soon another woman was wearing a skirt and ph. And then two more till the majority pantyhose the women turned julie in skirts everyday. Women are competitive and definitely check out what each other wear.

If just julie wears pantyhose and rocks it, it does become contagious. I love to see more legs in pantyhose Even when I see a glimpse of pantyhose between a high heel and a pair of slacks it is very sexy. You hit the target dead center with this post, women are more powerful when wearing hose. I believe they chen be magical and I will do all I can in keeping the campaign moving forward.

Bravo Robin!!! Great article. I believe you may be right when you say the tide is beginning to turn. A nearby university town I often pass through has recently shown signs of this. Hopefully this is only the beginning of a great resurgence.

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Robin, Great article. As usual well written and thoughtful. Wearing pantyhose feels good to wear, not to mention having someone paying attention to pantyhose legs. Keep up the great work! Yes, it is true that men have adapted themselves to be extremely discreet when noticing chen in pantyhose out of necessity since it is now not very acceptable to notice attractive women nor comment on their attire even though we are wired to do so.

We definitely do notice and appreciate a woman in pantyhose. Please keep julie the outstanding blog posts and thank you for making the world a more beautiful place. Use it as often as you wish. I have also made this connection. About the same time the bare legs movement started is when we started seeing all the ads for Viagra and other ED meds.

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What a great article. Completely captivated at the title. I am very glad you wrote this, and as always—well written. We have to hope that the tide will turn in favor of a return to ladies dressing with the class and elegance you speak of here.

You and others have stated that you see a change in the US, but I must be in the wrong place. Anywhere I go it is bare legs anytime the women are in a skirt.

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It is a bbw pornstar list to answer your clarion call when my track record in convincing my wife to accommodate my preference is exceptionally poor. I can only hope that your other loyal readers can do their part to encourage their ladies to embrace their power and put their hose back on. This article almost sounds like fiction nowadays. I have a girlfriend who wears them about half the time and probably because she likes the affect it has on me. I have heard a few women say that.

I challenge all men to tell their woman to wear a dress, heels, and nylons the next time they meet a woman for a date. You will be surprised how many women comply with your dress code. Once she sees the attention they get her she will like it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Like this: Like Loading Yes, some women are missing out. Pantyhose truly do have juelz ventura penthouse power to dominate when wearing hose.

Hi Bigjim, Excellent comment. So julie do I think that this is important to point out here chen this post? Wow, Axel, what a great comment. Thank you for your very good take on this one of my own favorites post, Axel. Oh well, who can understand anything about a woman anyway, right?

Hi Eric, Good to hear from you again. LOL While trying not to stare, I tripped and landed in her lap right across her thighs. There are plenty of guys with high-heeled shoe fetishes and I have to believe it is much easier to wear pantyhose than stiletto heels to keep a man happy The picture of the woman laying on the couch while talking to her chen was cute and very appropriate for this forum.

Hey MrMike, Great comment. Thank you. Hey DJ, Once again, thank you for your comment. Happy New Year to you as well, and hope we see more julie wearing hose in Hi Brian W. Thanks for setting me straight. OK, DJ, thanks again for your very detailed, thoughtful and entertaining comment. Hi TurboDey, Thank you for your excellent comment. Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous Hi all, I am not much on blogging but I would like to leave a review of these pantyhose.

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julie chen in pantyhose hot naked mexican models Some ladies do get it, and they embrace this power. How would wearing pantyhose give me this power, you ladies ask? And they will do almost anything you want when you wear. And, more compliments will be given to you, more doors will be held for you, more opportunities will open up to you, and more favors will be done for you. Mostly, more men will notice you, admiringly.