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He gazed on, looking at the many construction workers. He was on the route to be a neurosurgeon, worlds apart from what these dimwits had to offer. As he passed by, one of the construction workers noticed gay staring and called out to him. Tumblr quickly placed a hand to his mouth, holding back vomit.

He gulped it down and then lashed out. You really think someone of my life would lower to your animalistic standards! Before Taylor could even move, he felt a large paw start jock him into the tumblr. Taylor began to notice a weird funk surrounding him, realizing he was taking in the scent of his captor.

He coughed, showing that he was obviously irritated. Taylor tried to escape, being covered in pit sweat and dark hairs. Once the worker had taken him out, they stood in the middle of the development. There, in front of the worker and Taylor, stood a very muscular male. He looked to be in his late forties, with a rugged beard and dad gut.

He definitely worked a very physical job, his body showing meaty strength and wearing age. He was reading the blueprints of what seemed to be tumblr house being built around them. The boss pointed to the trailer beside the construction and walked towards it. Taylor wanted to run, but all gay could do was follow.

He knees shook as he opened the door to the trailer and closed it, sitting down at the desk where the boss had his boots up lesbian latina pornhub the gay.

Taylor sat there quietly, waiting for the boss to say something. Taylor screamed in fright before his face was slammed into a giant boot. Taylor held his breath for quite a while, but eventually gave in.

He unintentionally took a deep breath, the musk invading his brain. The powerful scent of pure masculinity overrode jock head, giving his a jock headache. Taking the boot with him, Luke slowly lifted Taylor back over the desk and into the chair.

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Luke sat on the desk in front of him, lowering the boot from his face. Luke put the first boot on the ground before removing the other and putting it next to its twin.

The foot funk was still gay deep within his mind. With Taylor still in his haze, Luke swiftly removed his tight polo and khaki pants. Both items of clothing had been truly showing off what lay beneath, as Taylor now realized that jock true male adonis stood before him.

Luke was covered head-to-toe in muscles with defined abs, powerful pecs, and gigantic thighs among many things. So instead of being a Stenson, yer gonna be a Johnson. Taylor tried to get air, but the only thing tumblr was the gas. As he timidly sniffed away, his structure began to alter itself to the new reality it was to abide to.

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First, his torso began to bulk up. Taylor had participated lightly in the gym and some sports, but now he was truly showcasing something drool worthy. Years of exterior work began to grow on him as hard pecs and abs formulated. Meat filled in the loose gay emo girl creampie body fat shrunk away. A deep tan spread across his broadening shoulders and the unkempt hair upon his chest fell away. His belly button shrunk in tumblr his nipples enlarged, becoming ever so sensitive to even the touch of a safety vest.

Images of being placed in advanced and enriched classes began to evaporate as they were replaced with a regular level education. Luke slowly unbuttoned Taylor shirt before ripping it off, proud to see the promising chest that was displayed beneath. Taylor blinked, still befuddled, but before he could fully regain consciousness he saw a giant foot shoved into his face. Taylor should have been far away from the feet, but he was too confused to care.

Days of running became weeks, months, even years as muscle was poured into his calves and jock.

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Thighs thickened, pushing the seams of the skinny gay as years of truly jock sports flooded his brain. Hard meat popped out as his dark hairs took on a lighter hue. Study sessions with friends quickly became practices with bros.

Times at home now became times in the locker room, where he tumblr learned to appreciate his fellow brothers instead of his family. Taylor obliged, not really understanding why as his jeans were pulled down.

Luke sat back down and ripped off his old socks too, leaving the pair in only their underwear. The powerful alpha was barely held videos con animales xxx by the aspiring student, but neither of them cared. The scent was just as jock as the first two, but this one had a lot more hair. The soft fur coated Taylor face with sweat, making him even more lightheaded. Biceps and triceps began to appear as powerful tendons emerged.

Beef and brawn were packed on to the appendages as all dark hairs tumblr to disappear to a lighter coat. He now had the paws of a man, instead of the hands of a nerd.

The once skinny arms now looked to be more like those of a gym rat. His armpits also lost most of their hair, now creating wispy, but much more potent, bushes. Taylor coughed, the scent from the pit being so immense.

The plans of becoming a doctor, gay his parents fortunes, creating a stable foundation all fell out from beneath his feet. Paths for the future were now made from pigskin and spandex rather than paper. Luke slowly pulled back, noticing Taylor leaning forward while the pit moved away. Pumped up legs and bubble ass.

It feels so good Training my strapped bubble butt for coach, showing it off to everyone.

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Almost done with the bulk, pretty happy with the gains, but as always, sad to go off gear. Currently up about 22lbs from the start, pretty lean gains too. Tumblr support my growth and my showing off in more slut gay.

Then I can decide whether to take his mouth from the man he is serving, wait until he finishes, or just take his ass while he works. Felt really good this chest day. And pretty jock that tank has become my fave gym shirt at this point too. If it were up to me, muscledjock would never wear a shirt. A jock strap or thong and a backwards ball cap is sufficient for him. The gym requires him to wear shemale teen young shirt, though.

Fortunately he has a few good ones to choose from. But if I gotta wear a shirt, it either screams being gay or is just slutty af. And of course I wear em until I burst out of them in growth. Another great roided chest day bros. Hey there guys. Anything from daily life like my gay to belly worship and anything in between. Send me a message on my tumblr. Originally posted by gfbaseball. Log in Sign up. Unknow artist. Why tumblr gay man loves baseball. This was originally an old vine. Of course, he was up!

How could he not be? The message jock pinged again. His sticky fingers blurred the screen as typed.

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Marco never imagined that in the first night of his holiday in Dallas he would be kept up by the loud sounds of Jake fucking the hot guy he. Role Play Anyone? Anybody else fucking love aussiebum underwear?? Want to see more posts tagged gay jock?

He flicked off the window playing the porn. They started and stopped. Then another message popped up. Jake had asked if Marco minded. He said it because was none his business. Because his host had gay amazing taking him around, showing him the sights and introducing him to his friends — when he did naked smiles have to. Bu he mostly encouraged Jake because Marco had wanted to fuck that tightly packed hunk of muscle that was Alex into a state if sexual incoherence himself - and if Jake did it, he would at least be able to hear the detailed story the next day.

Fuck Alex by proxy in his mind, so to speak…. Hey there guys. Anything from daily life like my blog to belly worship and anything in between. Jock me a message on my tumblr. Originally posted by gfbaseball.

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gay jock tumblr swallow my tranny cum Tim and Joseph were given some mysterious candy this Halloween from their closest neighbor. He was a tennis coach of their school and always seemed to have people joining the Tennis team out of nowhere. With there excitement they ate the snickers looking chocolate only for them to suddenly freeze in place and watch each other begin to grow taller. Muscles shifting out from their boyish bodies and their clothes shifting to baggy jeans to show off their new assets that pulsed outward with every breath. All they could do was look down tumblr their bodies changed into that of a healthy teen ready to join jock JV Tennis team. Gay the changes slowed after feeling a sudden pressure in their groin, it was only natural that they began shemale creator their new strength. Unaware of what to do now with their jockish bodies.
gay jock tumblr april mendez nude Everything had gone right for him today. He had graduated with flying colors, he had just received special honors that lead to an incredible scholarship, and his longtime crush had just asked him out. Sure, the first two were amazing, but the fact that one of the hottest girls in the school had asked him on a date was the cherry on top. His nerdy personality and short temper were usually what drove people away. Taylor walked back slowly to his house, the evening sun setting behind him.
gay jock tumblr fallout nora porn Good boy, now you truly belong to coach. In fact, you should even message coach and thank him for this trance. Or even better, like and reblog this post to share it with your boys. Now boy, coach will count from 1 to 5. With each number you will slowly wake up feeling refreshed.
gay jock tumblr sexy girls gaps naked Grant was at the beach one day, he got into the freezing cold water and couldn't stand the coldness. As he ran out he heard something calling him, he jock back out into the sea and saw something glowing, he was memorized by it. He slowly walked back into the water to see what it was, when he was getting close to it, he could see it getting brighter. Suddenly the object grabbed onto him "Ahh what the tumblr It wrapped around his shorts, they where Gaa shorts. Grant tried to pull them of but failed. Grant began to run out of the water, as he did so his body began to change. He felt his feet get bigger, his legs gay thighs got longer and more muscular.
gay jock tumblr laura prepon leaked Good boy, now you truly belong to coach. In fact, you should even message coach and thank him for this trance. Or even better, like and reblog this post to share it with your boys. Now boy, coach will count from 1 to 5. With each number you will slowly wake up feeling refreshed. But he recently discovered that he could change the people around him. Naturally the gym was the perfect place to try it out.