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The not so relevant tidbits: I have a dog named Scrappy, he's 8 now!

Pics: Twitter has gone barking mad for #NationalPuppyDay this evening

stevens And another brand new puppy named Pixel! We live where there's lots of cacti and pools. You'll notice I travel quite a bit and navajo fuck all been because twitter my work for Filthy Casual If you wanna meet, I update all my travel info as part of this Patreon so you'll know where me and the rest of the FC crew will be next!

Traveling has also given me the opportunity to produce more video blogs which has become one of my favorite things to dabble with on here! One darshelle say I'm living the life, but let me tell you, it's hard work and I spend countless hours making sure the dream never dies. On top of Filthy Casual, I also do retouching for some other wonderful ladies you've heard of!

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Stevens a busy girl twitter I stevens love every aspect of the hustle! Why I'm On Patreon: I've had so many amazing people reach out requesting more from me, more content that extended beyond just my cosplay photography Patreon gives me the opportunity to provide more content centered around me and my craft. So as far as cosplay, boudoir, and photography content goes, I offer everything to you in the form of reward tiers. And these tiers contain goodies such as project announcements, photo first looks, behind the scenes photos and videos, travel vlogs, wallpapers, DIGIPACKS, twitter, polaroids, personalized letters and thank you videos, and so much more!

Being comfortable with my body and being able to express that has always been a goal for me. So, I thought this would be the perfect platform to start that endeavor along with cosplay and photography stuff All of xhamster devil in miss jones lewd content will feature implied nude, cosplay lewds, boudoir, etc.

For example, I just recently bought my own studio space, one that's not attached darshelle my apartment! I also get to level up my gear, commission more cosplays, hire people, pay it forward, etc. So not only does the money go towards giving you all darshelle content, but towards helping my dreams GROW!

I will love the light, for it shows me the way. Yet I will endure the darkness, for it shows me the stars.

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darshelle stevens twitter nsfw gif keyboard Are you 18 years of age or older? Skip navigation. Select a membership level. As well as getting access to my Patreon feedyou'll now receive video content such as boudoir and cosplay videostravel vlogsand video updates! Patreon feed, video content, AND high res wallpapers sent straight to your email at the end of every month! About Darshelle Stevens. I've always enjoyed fascinations and venturing into the surreal.
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